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supporting detoxification

We are exposed to toxins everywhere - from the air we breathe to the foods we eat, even as a result of metabolism.  A variety of foreign agents, including environmental chemicals, food additives, and pharmaceuticals, enter our bodies every day.  If not eliminated, these toxins cause irritation and inflammation throughout our bodies making us feel less than ideal in terms of wellbeing and energy.

One of the many functions of the liver is to transform toxins into safe substances that can be eliminated.  When the liver enzymes fail to break down these toxins, they are stored in the liver and fatty tissue throughout our bodies.  Stored toxins can continue to cause damage to cells, tissues and organs, creating inflammation and dysfunction even after the day-to-day exposures are eliminated.  Symptoms of toxicity include chronic fatigue, brain fog or decreased mental capacity, mood changes, changes in libido, chemical sensitivity, poor sleep patterns, and adverse reactions to caffeine, drugs, herbs, vitamins etc.  Detoxification, that is the removal of toxins, is essential to the healthy functioning of our bodies.  

During your consultation we will look at your health background in order to identify possible underlying factors which may be contributing to your symptoms. We will together to support the internal processes of the liver by which toxins are eliminated from the body, at the same time as enhancing the release of stored toxins.  This will be achieved through a personalised programme of dietary recommendations and lifestyle changes that will help you to reduce your toxic load and optimise your metabolism so that you feel healthier.

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