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weight management

It’s official, diets don’t work.  Many of us know what it’s like to fight a losing battle with our weight and yet we’re assured that the solution is simple: “eat less and exercise more”.  The reality is that calorie-based strategies for slimming don’t work for everyone, but a science-based approach for satisfying and sustainable weight loss that works with your body will.

It is possible that an underlying condition may be contributing to your weight gain.  For example it’s known that hormone imbalance and chronic stress can affect your body’s ability to metabolise fat.

During your  consultation we will look at your health background in order to identify possible underlying factors which may be contributing to your ability to manage your weight.  Together, we will form a personalised programme of dietary recommendations and lifestyle changes for you that will help you to control food cravings, increase your energy levels and improve your overall health and wellbeing.